It Was All a Dream…

It’s probably best that I begin this with some truth.

This is a public profession that…I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing. I’m not a writer or fashionista. I don’t have a vision of where I see myself in years to come. I don’t even have any REAL hobbies.

…that is, unless you’d call watching Netflix, drinking margaritas, trying to not get pregnant, always being right, petting other people’s pets, imagining myself in situations that will never happen, or trying to close the elevator door before someone gets on a hobby…

But to be fair, the aspiring beam of light in me does purposefully sprinkle #BlackGirlMagic into the lives of those in my personal and social circles. So there’s that. Look at how much I’ve grown already. 🙂

Pause, before we get too deep in this thang, my name is Skye. I am a wife, entrepreneur, dance teacher and melaninaire.

Art by: Debra Cartwright #SupportBlackArt

I’m here because, well really because I finally believe in myself enough to be here. I can make 10 second videos all day, but writing is a different kind of soul bearing. I have the audacity to believe that if I can inspire, empower and show the the beauty of women of color (WOC), that someone somewhere will be encouraged to reach further.

So, here I am – W.O.E.

A girlboss friend of mine tweeted me that I should speak in the Girls’ Lounge at SXSW 2017 on a panel discussing diversity. To apply, you had to send in three words that expressed why you should be chosen for the panel. My three words: Worthy of Existing.

A few nights later, I was sleepily typing in my notepad about this idea I had for an online blog community and lifestyle brand that could empower, support and show mad love for WOC.

So, here we go on this journey together. My hope is that your clicks and scrolls leave you inspired, informed and woke AF. That you walk away feeling like you have explored and understood the experiences and teachings that women of color live through that try to break us.

To my knowledge, all people of color (POC) were raised with the same message, the talk, which was given to us when we were old enough to understand that people equate our melanin with something to be feared. We are not afforded the luxury of making mistakes. For women, we strive to be “pretty for a dark skin girl” *insert eye roll from the gawds*.

But this cannot and will not be what defines us.

We are worthy of this world. So when we say that black lives matter, it’s not because others don’t, it’s simply because we must affirm that we are worthy of existing without fear, when so many things tell us we are not… And I refuse to accept that the value of someone’s life isn’t determined by anything other than the fact that they had lungs…”- Clint Smith

We are Worthy of Existing.

Be the light.